Digital Green's Video Show

Digital Green has a number of interesting projects. For one, it has an impressive demonstration farm a few hours outside of Bangalore. The farm demonstrates organic farming and bio-diversity. In one of there buildings they had a seed bank of local crops. One of the problems they see is with farmers using the new hybrid crops. They believe that the imported hybrid crops perform very well under ideal conditions but fail completely when things go bad. In contrast, the local crops don't perform as well but they rarely fail.

The part I was there to see was their video project. The video projects takes videos of local farmers demonstrating best practices. The videos I watched with a number of farmers were on seed preparation. The videos were clearly interesting to the farmers. Not surprising given that the next planting was due to start the following week. Several of the Digital Green workers present to answer questions and to given an in-person demonstration of seed washing and preparation. I think the model of having farmers talk to other farmers is a very powerful concept. I've already seen it work in numerous other places we have visited.

I would like to say more but my Internet connection tonight is a dial-up connection that is constantly failing.


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