Sasakawa-Global 2000

The formation of the Sasakawa Africa Association stems from the grim Sahelian drought in the early 1980s. In 1984, the late Ryoicho Sasakawa, the chairman of The Nippon Foundation, quickly mobilized funds to send emergency food and medical supply aid to Ethiopia. Although the SG 2000’s projects are located in various countries, their main approach of the small farmers’ problems is similar. Before launching a new project, SG 2000 determines if there is a pool of appropriate technology that could have a significant impact for the country, if the citizens are poor, the country food insecure and if the government is committed to agricultural development. On that basis, SG 2000 and the government draw up a memorandum of understanding that lays out the responsibilities of both parties. SG 2000 insists on working through government agencies rather than setting up a parallel organization outside the government. This helps to ensure that the national extension agency really benefits from the lessons learned and will retain them when the SG 2000 projects draws to a close.
Food availability, agricultural yield, technology usage
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