The Central Laboratory for Agricultural Expert Systems

In 1987, officials at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and land reclamation, recognized expert systems as an appropriate technology for speeding development in the agricultural sector. To realize this technology, in 1989, the ministry initiated the Expert Systems for Improved Crop Management Project (ESICM) in conjunction with the Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (FAO) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The objectives were to; develop agricultural expert systems for commodities and disciplines economically important to Egypt, train extension officers and farmers to use the developed expert systems, maintain the developed expert systems by continuously updating the database, design tools to enhance the productivity of the knowledge engineers in building agricultural expertsystems, enhance performance of agricultural extension personnel, evaluate, update and improve the efficiency of developed expert systems, use expert systems to reduce the time it takes to solve problems and perform routine tasks, thus freeing experts for more important work, help increase food production per unit areaand make farmers more efficient and profitable.
Expert advice, agricultural database, productivity enhancement, performance enhancement, problem solving, increase food production, efficiency, profitability
The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, FAO and UNDP
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