CGIAR Virtual Library

CGIAR Virtual Library as part of a broader move to be an “organization without boundaries”, the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) created the CG Virtual Library as a gateway to global agricultural knowledge. This initiative not only supports the work of the 15 international CGIAR centers, but it provides Internet users anywhere with integrated access to all CG Center Library Catalogs as well as more than 200 library and agricultural databases and over 4,000 electronic journal titles. Major agricultural topics covered include soils, water, forestry, fish, food policy and security, rice, AgHealth, and the social sciences. The federated search provides results from AGORA-CABI, AGRIS, AGRICOLA Articles, Eldis, Pub Med, WAICENT Info Finder, AgNIC, AgEcon Search, and many other databases. Library catalogs included in CGVLibrary range from Wageningen, SIDALC, Cornell University, Oxford University, to the U.S. Library of Congress. The search interface is extremely easy to use and the results are quick and descriptive. For a search on “rangelands”, the numbers of records found in each location are identified, with the total number at 2,095. Thus, results can be viewed by database or browsed as a full set. The systems runs on a locally hosted commercial software, ExLibris Metalib and SFX Product (open URL link resolver) to link to full-text of subscribed materials as well as those freely available on the web. CGIAR Virtual Information Center - – also offers direct access to each CGIAR centers and a provision for submitting questions that will be answered by experts in their respective fields. (federated search of multiple databases and library catalogs)
Federated search of multiple databases and library catalogs
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