Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC)

Begun in 1995, the AgNIC alliance and partnership now numbers nearly 60 voluntary member organizations and institutions, including the USDA National Agricultural Library (NAL), U.S. land-grant institutions, the American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC), the Canadian Agricultural Library, and Latin American organizations such as SIDALC (Agricultural Information and Documentation System for America). Initially, the purpose was to provide single-point access to selected, reliable agricultural information through linked websites on specialized topics developed by each partner, with partners contributing metadata to a central database. However, newer technologies, limited institutional resources, and time constraints on individuals has limited the development of the central database concept to only a portion of the content. There are more than 8,000 selected resources available through the search and browse functions. Search results: water harvesting (3); plant breeding (45); rangelands (26); Africa (36). Current particular strengths of the AgNIC website are its international Calendar of agriculture-related events, News items from around the world, and links to partner websites. RSS feeds of the searches from the search page and the calendar and news are available. The National Agricultural Library Thesaurus (NALT) is the controlled vocabulary used for the browse function. The current technology incorporates a number of Open S ource technologies including Zope, Plone, and various products from the Apache Software Foundation.
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