Current Research Information System (CRIS)

This database provides access to more than 40,000 ongoing and recently completed research, education, and extension projects sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Project information is entered into CRIS through a website maintained by the University of Vermont. This information remains in the database for two years after the project end date. The home page also provides quick links to project information on such hot topics as mad cow disease, avian influenza, obesity, and food safety. General “assisted” searches are easy to use. Search results lead quickly to full reports and names of researchers. Sample searches: rangelands (721) and Africa (40); plant breeding (1,826) and Africa (86) and India (71); water harvesting (64); Malawi (17). However, the results are somewhat misleading in that a term such as India may only be mentioned in a report or as a reference to the location of a researcher and not a focus of a particular project. Plans now are to move CRIS into a relational database environment in early 2008 utilizing Oracle on a Linux platform, with applications development in JSP/JAVA. However, for the immediate future, the presentation layer will remain the same.
United States Department of Agriculture, University of Vermont
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