National Digital Library for Agriculture (NDLA)

Currently only a design concept, the NDLA prototype provides a simple search interface to a variety of resources from 9 partner organizations, including AgNIC, the FAO Corporate Document Repository, and data sources from 48 content providers (including the 17 scientific and technical organizations and 13 U.S. federal agencies that contribute to In much the same format as, search results returned a list of ranked items that identify the contributing service and some additional descriptive information, although there are some obvious problems with erroneous abstracts. Sample searches included water harvesting and Africa (27), Malawi (729 – largely NASA references), plant breeding (307 results) and rangelands (405 results). In this version, links to full-text were problematic. Additional services piloted included links to: news feeds, gmail for asking a question, OCLC World Cat link to library catalogs, and local Extension agents and weather reports. The developers of the site, the USDA National Agricultural Library (NAL), request comments, suggestions, and help in directing the development of the NDLA. Commercial software, “Explorit” developed by Deep Web Technologies, powers the federated search function.
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