LinkNet Zambia

LinkNet Zambia is as organization providing for cost based building, operations and maintenance of targeted and tailored communications infrastructure and services for special interest groups in rural areas of Zambia. Local communications infrastructure and services are build, operated and maintained by LinkNet members and aims to grow and utilize local rural expertise to its fullest potential. Currently LinkNet has embarked on expansion through a proof of reproduction in Mukinge Hill Mission. Technical and training support is provided from a rural center of experience in the settlement of Macha, with possible extension in other rural areas in extended stages of LinkNet deployment. Typical rural special interest groups served by LinkNet Zambia are rural health institutions, education institutions, and community development organizations, and their governing bodies. LinkNet strives to empower rural communities directly and indirectly through supporting empowering institutions and organizations with suitable, appropriate and cost based communications infrastructure and services. Therefore, by nature, LinkNet infrastructure and services must holistically available to all in the rural community, for instance through public Internet facilities run by local entrepreneurs. LinkNet Zambia membership is open to Christian faith based and non-christian rural institutions and users as Mission Hospitals, Mission Schools, and other general servicing institutions like Rural Health Centers, Community Centers, etc. Each cooperating rural entity can be member of LinkNet. As LinkNet has grown as an organization over the past several years, there has been an increasing demand for structured training of the current and future employees. Thus the LinkNet Information Technology Academy (LITA) has been started. The strategy for this training school is to focus on both the field of ICT and the development of person life skills. The result has been the creation of a modular training program.
Zambia, Africa
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