Environment Liaison Centre International (ELCI)

The Environment Liaison Centre International (ELCI) is an information and communication network of more than 850 non-governmental and community-based organisations (NGOs and CBOs) in over 100 countries, all working towards a more sustainable world. Members of the ELCI network are central players in a global process of sharing, learning and growth: sharing their information and ideas, learning from each other’s experiences and contributing to a growing environmental movement worldwide. ELCI supports communities and organisations at the local and national level by helping to develop effective leadership and promoting and strengthening alternative technologies. The Eco-volunteer Programme supports community action by identifying grassroots leaders, giving them access to information and training services and linking them with other Eco-volunteers around the world. The Alternative Technologies Programme promotes and disseminates new and traditional technologies such as analog forestry, natural pesticides and medicinal plants. Through thematic networks, ELCI helps to link local organisations all over the world who are working on three specific issues. ELCI co-ordinates a network of organisations working in analog forestry, an innovative agroforestry system in which farmers establish a tree dominated ecosystem similar to the land’s original vegetation, and earn money from the ecologically sound and marketable products that they grow. Through its Green Pesticides Network, ELCI helps promote natural alternatives to chemical pesticides. And through the Traditional Medicine Network, ELCI researchers help to share the vast and invaluable knowledge that rural people the world over have developed and collected on the medicinal properties of local trees, shrubs and flowers.
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