Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK)

Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK) is a non-profit making, Non-Governmental Organization, dedicated to empowering young Kenyan's with ICT skills at literacy level so as to enable them to further augment the Gross National Product and competently participate in today's technology based global economy.CFSK's major role is the provision of ICT infrastructure in learning institutions across Kenya. CFSK’s foundation was informed by the realisation that there are very limited information technology resources in the country, and the little there is was disproportionately concentrated in the relatively better-endowed urban areas. This reserves ICT resources for the well-to-do, as the geographically and socio-economically marginalised remain sidelined. CFSK was registered in October 2002, beginning its operations in January 2003. It deployed the first lot of 200 computers in March 2003. The CFSK program is an adaptation of the highly successful, award winning Computers for Schools Canada programme.
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