Pan-African Podcasting

Fahamu launched Pambazuka News to enable activists throughout Africa, working in different sectors, to discuss, debate and share information. It started by sending articles and summaries of key websites via email, as a way of bringing the web to those in Africa where poor bandwidth and connectivity make web access slow, frustrating and expensive. In fact, because this remains a problem for many people, Pambazuka News still goes out as an email every Thursday and Friday. The popular newsletter, Pambazuka News is using new media to reach an even larger audience. Presenting information that can be watched or listened to will have a greater impact for its audience of social justice activists throughout Africa. Given that Pambazuka News has been driven by the recognition of the constraints of poor bandwidth, it may seem curious that we have sought to produce bandwidth-hogging podcasts and videocasts. So why have we gone down that route? Pambazuka News is 300 issues and six years old and has an audience of around half a million readers. Produced by Fahamu (Networks for Social Justice), this pan-African weekly electronic newsletter has become one of the principal platforms for analysis, debate and discussion on issues related to the struggle for social justice in Africa. Last year, Pambazuka News featured 300 articles, written by 270 African authors, alongside 40,000 items of news, information and analysis available for free on the website.
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