Market Place for Agricultural Information and Services (MPAIS)

The Market Place for Agricultural Information and Services (MPAIS) is an online trading area where both buyers and sellers meet and trade in agricultural information products and services. It was designed to stimulate the emergence of a mechanism where agricultural advisors/ extension workers can express their demands for information and capacity development services to which agricultural researchers and intermediary service providers can respond in a commercial way. Sponsors who are interested in supporting this demand-driven approach to information and services delivery can put credits in the market to enable extension workers to purchase the information and services that they need. The MPAIS is the outcome of a research project that was funded by the Crop Post-Harvest Programme of the Department for International Development (DFID) in 2005. With further support from DFID-Uganda in 2007, the MPAIS portal was developed for commercial application by SourceKM; and into a business in Uganda by Nkoola Institutional Development Associates Limited (NIDA). It can be adapted for other uses as an information and services marketplace for rural development.
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Uganda, Africa
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