e-Krishi Vipanan

e-Krishi Vipanan (EKVI) project, the e-Agriculture Marketing project of Government Madhya Pradesh, India ,is conceived and executed by Madhya Pradesh Agricultural Marketing Board(Mandi Board) and Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology (MAP_IT), on Build, Own, and Operate basis with a Consortium of vendors where in the vendors on Public -Private -Participation model to make operations effective and transparent by collecting and disseminating real time information, on- line and help the concerned stake holders in effective decision making, which will eventually lead to grainless mandis. Vendors are paid a percentage of fees collected by the Agricultural Marketing Yards. EKVI Project involves use of ICT for automation of Mandi Board Head Office, 7 Regional Offices, and 231 Mandis and their associated Sub-market yards and Nakas (Interstate barriers) across the State of Madhya Pradesh. Most of the Mandis and Sub Mandis are located in villages having 6 million Farmers with 70,000 licensed traders.
Market information, decision making, rural
Madhya Pradesh, India
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