Tata Kisan Sansars

Tata Kisan Sansars are one-stop resource centres that offer cultivators a wide range of services and solutions — from the stage of sowing of seeds to post-harvest management and marketing of agricultural produce.The Tata Kisan Sansar network reflects the Tata Group's belief that technology can and must be harnessed to solve India's social and economic problems. The concept of precision farming being implemented by the TKS has the potential to catapult rural India from the bullock-cart age into the new era of satellites and IT. At the helm of this endeavour is Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL), the standout chemicals and fertilisers company in the Tata Group. TCL's extension services, brought to farmers through the TKS, use remote-sensing technology to analyse soil, inform about crop health, pest attacks and coverage of various crops predicting the final output. This helps farmers adapt quickly to changing conditions. The result: healthier crops, higher yields and enhanced incomes for farmers. Staff members at each sansar are equipped to find solutions to every agriculture-related problem. A well-stocked library of journals and magazines helps farmers keep abreast of news and the latest global developments. In addition, the sansars mail regular bulletins on farm-related news to subscribers. The training halls at the TKS are used for workshops and the screening of films related to agriculture.
Precision agriculture, information technology, extension delivery
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