AKASHGANGA is a brand name of SKEPL (Shree Kamdhenu Electronics Private Ltd). SKEPL was founded in 1996 with less than US$11,000 to develop IT-based tools that could increase the efficiency and productivity of the Indian dairy industry at a grassroots level. SKEPL provides integrated solutions that automate the milk collection process at local dairy cooperatives. The AKASHGANGA system not only minimizes handling and increases efficiency, but also increases transparency, and creates a basis for improving the quality of the milk produced. SKEPL’s business model is centered on providing technology-based products and services to help milk cooperatives become more efficient and productive. Its high-end system, incorporates an electronic weighing system, a milk analyzer to test milk quality, a personal computer, and accounting and management software. Compared to earlier manual procedures, the AKASHGANGA system is faster, more accurate, and more transparent. That means milk can be sent on to the cooperative union for processing more quickly, reducing spoilage; farmers can see for themselves the weight and quality of their milk via a display and printed receipt, increasing their trust in the cooperative process. In addition, farmers are paid immediately, rather than sometimes days later as under manual procedures; and local cooperatives need fewer employees and have better records and reports for planning purposes. SKEPL places an emphasis on delivering quality products and services as well as responsive and efficient after-sales service.
IT-based tools, efficiency, dairy cooperatives
Shree Kamdhenu Electronics Private Ltd (SKEPL)
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