Dgroups is an online home for groups and communities interested in international development. Dgroups provides a starting point for fostering groups and communities in international development. Dgroups caters to both individuals and organisations by offering tools and services that bring people together. Whether you are trying to support a team, a group, a network, a partnership or a community, Dgroups hopes to provide you with the capacity to do this in an environment which is simple, non-commercial, respectful of privacy, and targeted at low bandwidth users in the South. Dgroups is operated as a partnership, and current partners include Bellanet, ICA, IICD, OneWorld, UNAIDS, DFID. Bellanet currently hosts Dgroups on behalf of the partnership. Bellanet is an international initiative hosted by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) at its head office in Ottawa, Canada.
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Bellanet, ICA, IICD, OneWorld, UNAIDS, DFID, IDRC and partners
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