Initial Thoughts

Well, after a relatively difficult travel experience, I've finally arrived in Zambia...just in time to join a group already working on the potential of radio instruction to address agricultural issues.

While the group was discussing this topic, it occurred to me that the delivery methodology is only important if the content to be delivered is good and useful. Using technologies such as radio and cell phones, or human resources such as extension agents, is only going to work if they are delivering useful material to the smallholder farmer.

In my opinion, if the content is good, the delivery method will be found, and the participants will be the ones to find the delivery method that works best for themselves.

Now, how do we go about creating useful content? That's the core question. In reality, this is only really possible if we have all of the users of the information also playing a role in the creation of that content. By having farmers developing their own content, the sense of empowerment and ownership should create an environment where those individuals find the content useful - particularly if there are feedback mechanisms that work efficiently and effectively.

After listening to the presentations that Thane described earlier, I can say that I'm excited to see what the end products look like.