e-Sri Lanka PC Programme

The e-Sri Lanka PC Programme is aimed at increasing Sri Lanka’s current low IT literacy, by enabling access to Information Communication Technology (ICT). This programme fosters the charter to ‘bridge the digital divide” that has been taken on by government’s across the world through the UN Millennium Declaration and World Summit on the information society. The e-Sri Lanka PC, a personal computer (PC), based on Intel® architecture, will be installed with educational tools and programmes. It will also expose the users to the functionality and availability of open source software in an easy to use Linux desktop environment. Developed in collaboration with Intel®, RedHat® and other partners, this is one of the main ways through which ICTA plans to increase ICT literacy in Sri Lanka. This endeavor aims at ensuring that e-literacy becomes as basic as reading, writing and arithmetic and governments can increase business productivity and citizen satisfaction and in turn boost economic growth and competitiveness.
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