Working Groups

From Zambia Workshop

The workshop quickly broken into working groups organized around central themes. My group, pictured above, worked on the organization structure for all the individual projects. This was not an easy task because we were not sure what the other working groups would come up with.

Our group worked almost around the clock. We had members up to two or three in the morning and others would get up at five or six to get an early start. By the end of the week we were all exhausted.

We worked so hard because the ideas we were coming up with were so exciting. We developed processes for measuring the needs to other projects so that we could effectively administer them. I was surprised that the development world did not already have such tools, but as one of our members said on multiple occasions, the development community does not learn from its mistakes in order to avoid them in the future nor do it study the successes so that the successes may be reproduced.