Giving Women some AIR

From Zambia Workshop

One of the most interesting presentations on an actual project was Revi's description of her AIR project. AIR is a system of mesh-networked communication devices (shown above). These devices are very simple in terms of communication. One can can record or listen. That's it. No cell phone capability or even the ability to determine which other devices will receive the message.

This particular project is for women in Kenya. They are given the devices and their recordings get transmitted to the local community radio station. If the device cannot reach the radio station directly, the message will seek out the nearest other device which will in turn transmit it to radio station.

The radio station will broadcast recordings sent to them about local births, deaths and other news. The local women really like hearing what is going on.

Revi said that the device was made so not as to include cell phone capability because the men might take the units away from the women for their own use.

Revi is currently working on taking these prototype devices from their present price tag of about $130 dollars to a unit that will be smaller and cost approximately $5 dollars.