First Km Reviews


“First Kilometre” Literature Reviews

The “First Kilometre” is a metaphor for reaching, interacting with, listening to, learning from, empowering and enriching smallholders. It is chosen to counter the “top-down” connotations of the more common “last mile” vocabulary.

Research on the topics below will provide background for the Design Team on existing information systems for large and smallholder producers, and a beginning understanding of how they might be improved. While the issues involved are wide-ranging and incredibly complex, we have identified focus areas in which the Design Team would benefit from more in-depth research. Information gathered for these focus areas will inform and help shape the deliberations of the two workshops.

The Design Team has commissioned research analysts to survey the literature, understand the issues of institutional context, and also inventory what is happening on the ground. Each review will result in an approximately 10-page report with a narrative review and list of citations. With emphasis on successes, failures, scalability, incentives, sustainability and replicability, we have surveyed the following 11 areas.

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  1. Alternative extension models (public, private, NGOs)
  2. Supermarkets and smallholders (supply chain)
  3. Private sector: First Km best practices (includes local traders)
  4. First Km incentives
  5. Impact of corruption on first km practices
  6. Curriculum enhancement
  7. Agricultural Information Systems overview
  8. Community Knowledge Workers and Village Based Knowledge Systems
  9. Radio Education: A Review of the Literature
  10. Soil Health
  11. Integrated Pest Management