aAQUA (almost All QUestion Answered)

A smart effectively online, yet archived, webbased discussion forum, allowing users to create, view and manage content in their native language. It provides easy and fast retrieval of contextual information, documents and images using various keyword search strategies with the help of query expansion and indexing techniques. Using this, a farmer can ask a question on aAqua from a kiosk (cyber-café); experts view the question and answer back, providing solutions to the problem. aAQUA has been deployed at many kiosks in Pabal and Rajguru, Shirur, and Haveli taluka region in Maharastra. It is available in English, Hindi, and Marathi. Being Unicode compliant system, it can support other languages also. It has been developed at Media Lab Asia research hub at IIT Bombay.
Media Lab Asia, IIT Bombay