The African Virtual University

The African Virtual University is training world-class scientists, technicians, engineers, business managers, health care providers, and other professionals to support economic and social development in Africa. AVU supplements existing university programs with high-quality courses, while introducing new cost-efficient programs. From an initial summer course at Kenyatta University in July 1997, AVU now offers undergraduate and remedial courses as non-credit programs to sixteen universities in Sub-Saharan Africa. By the end of 1998 at least twenty-five universities will be connected to AVU. AVU's curriculum includes foundation courses in calculus, differential equations, physics, chemistry, and statistics as well as courses in computers and engineering. Universities in Belgium and Canada are developing French-language seminars in business management, environment, teacher training, and computer and Internet literacy. Recently, a curriculum task force was formed to structure a four-year undergraduate degree program in computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering.
university level instruction, distance education