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Women's Radio Forum: Dancing to another tune

Our group had a wonderful lunch and meeting with a women's radio forum. This is one of many groups formed primarily of women who gather around a radio to listen to agricultural and business development information. They do more than just listen; they form business ventures. In this particular case this group had a small farm. Another group we meet was raising pigs.

As we arrived, the sixty or so women gathered at one of women's farm started to sing and dance. This is not uncommon in Zambia. The second dance was a bit of surprise. The song was one created by the women and it extolled their desire to be better farmers so that they could feed and educate their children. We were quite moved by both the performance and by the message.

When we asked the women if they would like their children to become farmers, they were enthusiastic about their children following in their footsteps. This is very notable because we ask this question every time we meet farmers and this is the first time we heard a positive response. What these women have that the others apparently did not was hope. These women found a sense of hope from their group and that translated into wanting their children to become farmers. This is a tune that we have not heard before on our travels. We hope to find ways to make this a more common refrain.

The video above is the women dancing and singing this song. I'm not sure if there are other songs mixed in. I believe the song is in the lanuage of Bemba -- one of Zambia's 73 languages.

Below is a photo of the group's farm.

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Here is a higher quality recording of the song.


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