Ithaca Workshop

Workshop I: Knowledge Systems

September 30-October 3, 2007

- Cornell University, Ithaca, New York USA

The Objective of this workshop is to identify near-term and medium-term opportunities for strengthening the content of agricultural education/curriculum and information systems to meet the needs of smallholder farmers in areas of the developing world where agriculture lags behind needs. Traditionally called extension, teaching and research, more recently these systems are recognized as complex, interactive activities of knowledge and technology use, generation and exchange among farmers, extension workers, teachers and researchers.

A major workshop objective is to identify the opportunity to give voice and access to smallholders and their information support systems, using new social networking tools for agricultural content development and creating a new agricultural education, information and training matrix.

The 40 attending participants will be agricultural scientists with experience in South Asia and Africa, representatives of NGOs specializing in agricultural issues, agricultural ministry representatives, agriculture graduate students from Asian and African countries, agriculture faculty from African and Asian colleges/universities, private sector agriculture representatives, representatives of international agriculture organizations, accreditation specialists.